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Let’s shape our future together. Your voice matters in articulating a vision for Blue Hill that reflects community priorities and desires.


The Blue Hill Comprehensive Plan Committee will hold its final set of public input meetings this fall to engage our neighbors in describing a vision of Blue Hill’s future for the next decade and beyond. If you have not yet had a chance to attend, please come and participate in one or all of the upcoming sessions. We would like as many different options and voices as possible to be in attendance. You are encouraged to pick the topic or session that you are most interested to weigh in on. 

This 18-month process is in support of creating a state-approved comprehensive plan for the town of Blue Hill that will qualify us for state grants, federal funding, and provide direction for those that govern our town. This plan will be submitted to voters at the 2024 Annual Town Meeting. 

All interested citizens are invited to participate in the upcoming Public Engagement Sessions:

FRIDAY OCT 13TH @ 5:30PM at the Blue Hill Public Library. 

Topics under discussion: Agricultural & Forest Resources, Natural Resources, Recreation

SATURDAY NOV 4TH @ 4:00PM at the Bagaduce Lending Library. 

Topics under discussion: Public Facilities & Services, Broadband, Fiscal Capacity Investment

WEDNESDAY NOV 15TH @ 5:30PM at the East Blue Hill Founders Hall. 

Topics under discussion: Historical and Archaeological Resources, Existing and Future Land Use

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a roadmap that describes the town’s vision for what it hopes to become – or retain – over a period of time, typically a decade. Topics addressed in a Comprehensive Plan generally include housing needs, economic opportunity, open spaces and natural resources, historic and cultural resources, marine resources, transportation, and future land use.

Maine state law establishes standards for Comprehensive Plans. This provides statewide consistency while allowing communities flexibility to address their specific needs.

Why Should Blue Hill Update its Comprehensive Plan?

Increased Funding Eligibility

Having a state-approved Comprehensive Plan is a “threshold” requirement for an increasing number of state grants and programs. Without a Comprehensive Plan, Blue Hill may lose funding opportunities.

Potential for Reduced Property Tax Burden

More opportunities for state and federal grants could reduce the amount of property tax dollars that must be raised for municipal projects.

Maximize Local Control

Under state law, towns that have state-compliant Comprehensive Plans in place have more control over how state agencies can undertake projects within the town.

Community Vision and Priorities

Developing a shared vision for a community is a worthwhile exercise that can help reframe priorities for the town government.

Is a Comprehensive Plan Binding?

No. A Comprehensive Plan is a planning document that describes, in general terms, a vision. Any binding implementing of an element of the Comprehensive Plan would be required to be adopted through an ordinance, which would require approval by Blue Hill voters.

Tell Me About Blue Hill’s Comprehensive Planning Effort…

The Blue Hill Comprehensive Plan Committee has been appointed by the Select Board to develop a Comprehensive Plan for Blue Hill to be reviewed and voted on at the Annual Town Meeting in April 2024.

All Comprehensive Plan Committee meetings are open to the public and, at the Chair’s discretion, public input during those meetings is encouraged.  The Committee expects to conduct a Town-wide survey to solicit the views of all Town residents and property owners, and to hold several public working sessions to allow the public to provide feedback on the Committee’s work.


The Comprehensive Plan Committee, at this point, does not meet on a fixed schedule. Meetings of the committee, when practicable, will be listed on the Town calendar. All such meetings (except for “executive session” portions of a meeting) are open to the public.

Members/Contact Information

Current members of the Comprehensive Plan Committee are listed on the Town directory, together with contact information for the committee chairs.

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  • I have already taken the survey, but while driving through downtown, I realized that I had neglected to include a concern of mine. I wish our downtown had a year round department store that sold reasonably priced clothing. A department store similar to the old Charlie Ware’s or The Department store ( where the handwork’s store is now) Where I might be able to buy an adult non-obscene t shirt or top fit 30$ or so Instead of $75 to $250. The stores downtown seem to cater to the summer folk and their finances rather than the year round working people of the peninsula

    • Thanks for the good feedback! We’ll be sure to add this into the comments that are coming from the surveys.

  • I would like to participate in this process.

    • Great. Please do sign up for the town email list, and you’ll be included on updates and invited to participate in public events.

  • Although I have only lived in Blue Hill for 6 months I am very interested in participating in the process I was a very active in Ellsworth and I look forward to get more involved in my “new home town”

    • You have been added to town’s email list. Welcome, and we look forward to you getting involved!

  • Please add me to the list. Thank you.

  • Sonja Leonard Leonard

    Please add us to list
    Peter T. Leonard
    Sonja Leonard Leonard

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