Planning Board

The Blue Hill Planning Board administers certain of Town ordinances, generally related to land use within the Town of Blue Hill. These include the Shoreland Zoning, Subdivision, and Commercial Site Plan Review Ordinances.

The Planning Board works closely with the Town’s Code Enforcement Officer (CEO), who has approval authority for most land use projects in Blue Hill and who should generally be the first point of contact for questions about which ordinances apply to a specific activity.


The Planning Board generally meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm at Town Hall. However, the Planning Board does not meet if there is no business to be discussed, so potential attendees may want to contact the CEO on the scheduled meeting date to confirm the meeting will occur.

If a member of the public wishes to business placed on the Planning Board agenda, such a request should be made via the CEO.

Planning Board meetings are generally open to the public (except for duly-called Executive Sessions). Participation in these meetings by the public is at the discretion of the Planning Board, but there is generally time allotted to hear public comment.

Members/Contact Information

The Planning Board consists of seven elected members, with staggered terms. Current members of the Planning Board are listed on the Town directory, together with contact information.

Adopted Ordinances

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Adopted Policies

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