Marriage Licenses

Filing Intentions

Marriage intentions must be recorded in writing.  Both parties must sign the intentions in the presence of the Town Clerk/Deputy Town Clerk or a Notary Public.

If both parties are residents of Maine but live in separate municipalities, marriage intentions may be recorded by the Clerk in either municipality.  If one is a Maine resident and one is not, file in the municipality of the Maine resident.  The fee for a marriage license is $40.00.  If both parties are from another state or country and wish to marry in Maine, file intentions in any municipality in Maine and get married anywhere in the State of Maine.

Previous Marriage

If either party has been married before and is now divorced, a certified copy of the last divorce decree (with the raised seal on the papers) must be presented to the Clerk/Deputy Clerk.  If the last marriage ended in an annulment, an annulment decree is required.  This should not be a church annulment but rather a civil decree.  If the last spouse died, a certified copy of the death certificate is required.

Obtaining a Marriage License

After the above requirements have been met, a marriage license from the Town Clerk (with whom you recorded your intentions) may be obtained. The license can be obtained the same day that the intentions are filed.  The license must be used within 90 days of the date the intentions are filed.  Once the Town Clerk issues the license, the license must be delivered to the person performing the marriage. The person performing the marriage is then responsible for returning the completed/signed license to the Town Office.