Transfer Station Access and Rules

The Transfer Station may be used by residents and property owners of Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Sedgwick, and Surry.

Access Stickers

  • Valid Transfer Station stickers are required to be affixed to all vehicles visiting the facility.
  • Stickers are available, free of charge, at the participating town offices and at the Transfer Station. Photo identification and evidence of residency is required.

General Rules for Transfer Station Customers

  • Drop materials at their proper locations, including recycling and reuse areas. If in doubt about where something should go, ask Transfer Station staff!
  • All ferrous metals such as iron, steel, wire fencing, parts of vehicles, and oil tanks are accepted only if prearranged with the Manager.
  • Ash of any kind is never accepted.
  • Check with staff before removing anything from the Transfer Station. Items on the metal pile may not be removed under any circumstances.
  • Transfer Station staff are happy to answer questions and provide direction.