Transfer Station Access and Rules

The Transfer Station may be used by residents and property owners of Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Sedgwick, and Surry.

Access Stickers

  • We ask that your sticker be displayed to verify that you are authorized to use this facility. The Towns of Blue Hill, Surry, Sedgwick, Brooksville and Brooklin use taxpayer funds to support the Transfer Station. We will charge fees to those users who do not have a Transfer Station sticker (see Transfer Station Fees). Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Valid Transfer Station stickers are required to be affixed to all vehicles visiting the facility.
  • Stickers are available (maximum of 2), free of charge, at the participating town offices and at the Transfer Station. Photo identification and evidence of residency is required.

General Rules for Transfer Station Customers

  • Drop materials at their proper locations, including recycling and reuse areas. If in doubt about where something should go, ask Transfer Station staff!
  • All ferrous metals such as iron, steel, wire fencing, parts of vehicles, and oil tanks are accepted only if prearranged with the Manager.
  • Ash of any kind is never accepted.
  • Check with staff before removing anything from the Transfer Station. Items on the metal pile may not be removed under any circumstances.
  • Transfer Station staff are happy to answer questions and provide direction.