Elections / Voting



June 11, 2024 – State Primary Election:

Primary Elections determine each qualified party’s nomination of candidates for federal offices and State and County offices. Party candidates who are elected at the Primary qualify to appear on the November General Election ballot.

November 5, 2024 – General Election

The General Election is held nationally on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November.  In 2024, Maine voters will elect the President, one of Maine’s two United States Senators, Maine’s two Representatives to Congress, all members of the Maine Legislature (State Senators and State Representatives) and certain county officers.  County officers will vary depending on the county, but include the following: Judge of Probate, Register of Probate, County Treasurer, Register of Deeds, Sheriff, District Attorney and County Commissioner. 

Serve as a poll worker

Every town and city in Maine need citizens like you to help administer the election. Visit: Maine Election Worker Recruitment webpage for more information.

Maine Political Parties

Maine currently has five qualified parties: Democratic, Green Independent, Libertarian, No Labels and Republican that may participate in primary elections. (Note: although some unenrolled candidates choose to designate themselves as “Independent,” there is no “Independent” party in Maine.) 

Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV)

Ranked-choice voting will be used in the 2024 Presidential Primary, State Primary and General elections. Visit: RCV Resources page for more information.


The State of Maine allows residents to register to vote any time leading up to and including Election Day. Residents of Blue Hill may register to vote at the Town Office.

  • To register, you must be a United States citizen, at least 17 years of age, and have established a fixed principal home in Maine. 
  • To vote in a Referendum or General Election, you must be registered in the community where you reside and be at least 18 years of age. A 17-year-old may vote in a Primary Election, if that person will be 18 by the General Election.

Proof of residency and identity needs to be provided at the time of registering. One form could be a Maine driver’s license that would show a physical street location. If your license displays a PO Box, you will need to also provide another document (school registration, utility bill, etc) that lists a physical address in Blue Hill.

If you are currently registered to vote and wish to change any information pertinent to your voting record, such as your name or address, contact the Town Office to update your registration.

(source: State of Maine Bureau of Corporations, Elections & Commissions)