Select the position type below to display current members of town boards and committees, together with other town officials.

Elected Officials…

Select Board [email all]

Three-year elected term


2026 Ellen Best (chair)

2025 Jim Dow

Planning Board [email]

Three-year elected term

2025 Wilson King (chair)
2024 Scott Blanchard
2024 Sergei Breus
2025 Emily Cushman
2024 Mary Alice Hurvitt
2025 Marcia McKeague
2025 Gavin Riggall
2024 Matthew Martin (alternate)

School Committee [email]

Three-year elected term

2025 Janice Snow (chair)
2025 Anna Ryan
2024 Candace Gray
2024 Nina Milliken
2025 Ben Wootten

Appointed Board/Committee Members…

Board of Appeals [email]

Five-year appointed term

2028 Randall Curtis (chair)
2025 James Church
2024 David Dillon
2024 Nina Milliken
2026 Stephen Rappaport

Broadband Committee [email]

Indefinite appointment

D. Scott Miller (chair)
Jennifer Jackson
Hugh Nazor
Christina Schunemann
Lori Sitzabee
Butler Smythe

Budget Committee [email]

Three-year appointed term

2024 John Richardson (chair)
2026 Aran Lawrence
2024 Carolyn Mor
2025 Amanda Woog
2025 <vacant>

Climate Resilience Committee [email]

Indefinite appointment

Randy Curtis
Jeff Milliken

Comprehensive Plan Committee [email]

Indefinite appointment

George Hurvitt (co-chair)
Sarah King (co-chair)
Rich Boulet
Julie Jo Fehrle
Annie Grindal
Mark Hurvitt
Marcia McKeague
D. Scott Miller
Don Paine
Diana Page
Karen Wyatt
Shelly Schildroth

Marine Resources Committee [email]

Three-year appointed term

2024 James Wootten (chair)
2026 Geoffrey Anthony
2024 David Danielson
2025 Sean Guinness
2024 John Gulliver
2025 Tabor Horton
2026 Kipp Quinby
2025 Sean Walsh

Solid Waste Committee (Transfer Station)

Three members of Blue Hill and Surry Select Boards

D. Scott Miller (chair) (Blue Hill)
Ellen Best (Blue Hill)
Jim Dow (Blue Hill)
Chris Stark (Surry)
Eric Treworgy (Surry)
Tom Welgoss (Surry)

Water District Trustees [email]

Three-year appointed term

Jason Butler
Peter O’Brien
Mark Taplin

Town Office Staff…

Town Administrator [email]

Julie Atwell [email]
Phone: 207-374-2281

Town Clerk/Registrar of Voters [email]

Kelly Herrick [email]
Phone: 207-374-2281

Deputy Clerk

Sarah Lavallee [email]
Phone: 207-374-2281

Code Enforcement, Plumbing Inspector & Facilities Coordinator [email]

Bryce Farnham [email]
Phone: 207-374-5192

e911 Addressing Officer & Health Officer

Treasurer/Tax Collector [email]

Michelle Rockwell [email]
Phone: 207-374-2281

Other Town Officers…

Animal Control Officer [email]

Carol Ann Cutler
Phone: 207-610-2220

Cemetery Sexton

Robert H. Carter
Phone: 207-266-8653


Phone: 207-374-2281

Fire Chief [email]

Matt Dennison
Phone: 207-610-9255

Harbormaster [email]

Dennis Robertson
Phone: 207-266-2858

Recreation Program Director [email]

Sawyer Houghton
Phone: 207-374-2281

Road Commissioner [email]

Ben Adams
Phone: 207-356-6499

Shellfish Warden

Steve Bechard [email]
Phone: 207-479-3042

Superintendent of Schools

Derek Perkins [email]
Phone: 207-374-9927

Tree Warden [email]

Phil Norris
Phone: 207-374-2159