Marine Resoures/Moorings

Own a mooring and want to keep it in Blue Hill Waters?

  • Complete the Mooring/Outhaul Permit Application and provide it to the Blue Hill Harbormaster by e-mailing or bringing it to Blue Hill Town Hall. The Lat/Lon of the location or “Location ID” from the town’s mooring map must be included (see below).
  • The Harbormaster will review your application and either approve or deny the requested location and associated permit.
  • If approved, a mooring number will be given, and payment of corresponding fee can be paid at the Blue Hill Town Office.  Permits are not considered issued and effective until the Harbormaster has approved the permit and the fee has been paid.

Help the Town keep its records up to date:

The Town has surveyed its waters to identify current mooring locations.  The results of this survey are available at: Mooring Locations – Town of Blue Hill. Included is a map identifying the owner, marker type, name (or registration number) of any boats observed on the mooring, and the GPS location of the mooring.  Please review this information for your moorings (or your friends’) and help us correct the information.  Submit any corrections to and either identify the location by “Location ID” or, if it doesn’t appear on the map, position the cursor where the mooring should be and note the Lat/Lon in the lower right-hand corner of the map.

Want more information on the ordinance?

The full Harbor Ordinance is available on the Blue Hill town website: Town Ordinances – Town of Blue Hill