Route 15 Work Starts August 9!

The Maine State DOT will be paving Route 15 from Grindleville Rd to Pleasant Street. (These sections are known as Mines Rd. and Tenney Hill).

Here are some things you need to know.

  • The job is planned to start on August 9th and run to ‘mid’ August. We do not have any more details other than that at this point.
  • There will be no planned detour for this job. Instead, the DOT is planning one lane alternating traffic flow.
  • Night paving is expected for the roundabout only.
  • The current work on Tenney Hill, per the DOT, will be finished in time for this job to start.
  • Crosswalk signs that are currently on Main St. will be removed so the paving crew can prep and pave the area. Once this is finished, the signs will be placed back where they belong.

Please plan you travel times accordingly. If you have any questions regarding the work, please call the Maine State DOT at 207-624-3000.