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Absentee Ballot Information

November 7, 2023, State of Maine Referendum

Questions Appearing on the November 7, 2023 Ballot

Maine Citizen’s Guide to the Referendum Election

We are accepting Absentee Ballot requests at this time. We will be receiving ballots the second week in October. You must request an Absentee Ballot by the close of business on Thursday, November 2nd.

If you are interested in receiving an Absentee Ballot, there are multiple ways to request one:

  1. Submit your request online
  2. Print and mail the request to the Town Office
  3. Call the Town Office during normal business hours
  4. In person

Property Tax Stabilization for Senior Citizens Repealed

The LD 290 “Property Tax Stabilization for Senior Citizens” program, enacted in August 2022, was repealed by the Maine Legislature on July 6, 2023. 

The popularly regarded program had allowed Maine seniors 65 and older who owned a permanent residence for at least 10 years and were receiving (or eligible for) a homestead exemption, to freeze taxes at the previous year’s level regardless of income.

The repeal of this program means there will be no reapplication process and no need to follow-up with the Assessing Department in late August/early September, as previously communicated.

Town Administrator Resignation

Town Administrator Nick Nadeau formally tendered his resignation at last night’s Select Board meeting, following up on a letter he emailed to the Board on Friday afternoon.

The Select Board voted to accept his resignation, effective August 11, and prepared the following statement:

We, the Blue Hill Select Board, are deeply disappointed by Nick Nadeau’s resignation as our town administrator. He was doing a good job for our Town and has great potential as a municipal administrator. His decision to terminate his two-year employment agreement after only one year was solely his decision and within his rights. We appreciate his service and wish him the best going forward.

We will begin the search for a new Town Administrator immediately. In the interim, the Select Board members will work with the staff to make the transition period as seamless as possible.