Select Board Assignments Identified

As a way to share the newly expanded Blue Hill Select Board’s workload and to increase the Board’s depth of knowledge about the full range of matters for which the Board is responsible, the Select Board has identified primary areas of responsibility for each member.

While these assignments are by no means exclusive, the intent is that the primarily responsible Board member will be the most knowledgeable on a given subject and should generally be the first point of contact with comments or questions relating to that subject.

Here is the list of subject areas and the primarily responsible Select Board member(s) for each:

Subject AreaSelect Board Member(s)
EducationSean Dooley
FacilitiesButler Smythe
FinanceScott Miller
Land Use/PlanningJim Dow
Scott Miller
Marine ResourcesScott Miller
PersonnelEllen Best
Public SafetyButler Smythe
RoadsButler Smythe
Septic/Wastewater TreatmentSean Dooley
Solid Waste/Transfer StationEllen Best
Jim Dow
Scott Miller