Harbor Dredging Public Meeting

A public meeting has been scheduled for August 11 at 5:30pm in the Gordon Emerson Auditorium in the Blue Hill Town Hall. It is hoped that this meeting will be useful to inform the Select Board as to how to proceed with the process of putting the project to a vote of the Town–including specifics as to what the Town will be asked to consider as it votes on the project (expected at the next annual Town Meeting).

At the meeting:

  • USACE Presentation. The US Army Corps of Engineers will review the results of their feasibility study for the dredging project, including the proposed location of the dredged channel and the turning basin, the plans for disposal of dredged material (both clean and contaminated), the economic and environmental impact analyses conducted in connection with the study.
  • Additional Infrastructure. The Town will provide preliminary information on the additional infrastructure (docks and/or floats) to reach the turning basin from the Town Wharf.
  • Specific Topics for Community Feedback. The Select Board and Marine Resources Committee will be soliciting feedback from the community about the project, including a series of specific questions that will help those bodies determine how to proceed.
  • Financing Alternative Feedback. There will be a discussion of the options for financing–and servicing any associated debt–over the coming years, with an opportunity for members of the public to share their views.