Full Annual Town Meeting Warrant Posted

After posting an interim warrant earlier this week to accommodate distribution of absentee ballots, the Town posted the full warrant to be considered at Blue Hill’s 2023 Annual Town Meeting on Friday.

The Warrant requests votes on proposed amendments to two land use ordinances; copies of the ordinances with the proposed amendments identified are available at the Town Office and at the links provided below.

The following items are available for download in PDF form:

  • The Warrant posted on Friday. (Voters should be aware that the “official” warrant is the copy that was actually posted and that, in theory, the Warrant can be further amended.)
  • A “redline” and clean (if approved) version of certain proposed amendments to the Commercial Site Review Plan as provided in Article 74. (Note that there may be further amendments to this ordinance depending on how the Town votes on Articles 71, 72, and 73.)
  • A “redline” and clean (if approved) version of the proposed amendments to the Subdivision Ordinance as provided in Article 75.

The Planning Board and Code Enforcement Officer are preparing narratives describing the ordinance changes; these will be posted on the Town website and made available at the Town Office when finalized.