Property Tax Revaluation Data

At last Monday’s Select Board meeting, the Select Board indicated that it would try to make available, in an accessible format, more information about the 2024 property revaluation.

Attached is an Excel worksheet with comparative data, for each property in Blue Hill (identified by Map and Lot number). It shows the 2023 and 2024 taxable property valuations as well as an estimate of what the 2024 taxes on each property will be.


This preliminary, draft data is provided solely to provide property owners with insights into how the 2024 revaluation of their property compares to other properties in town. The data provided may contain errors or omissions–the final valuations and property tax assessments will not be known until some time in July 2024. In addition, users should be aware that:

  • The 2024 property values have not been finalized, and are subject to revision. Property owners have been invited to make an appointment with the assessors’ agents next week to discuss the valuation of their property and to identify any errors in the valuation records. Any changes to a property’s value will have an effect on every other property’s share of property taxes.
  • The differences in values from 2023 to 2024 may reflect more than just the revaluation results. Construction activity, property subdivision, or similar actions undertaken during the year will also change the assessed property value (as they do every year). The worksheet identifies “new” lots (and a few lots that were consolidated into others), but there are other factors that change the assessed value.
  • The property tax amounts identified in the worksheet are also subject to change, since 1) the relative values of the taxable properties in Blue Hill may change (as described above) and 2) the Select Board has not yet “committed” the 2024 taxes. 2024 property taxes will be finalized sometime in July, as is typically the case each year.